Share your artistic passion, inspiration, and vision. For example, what ideas and themes motivate you to create? What techniques do you use? What artists or life experiences influence your work? You may describe your work overall or a specific series of works.

The unseen energy beyond the human eye , the energy that builds BEFORE something happens, is what motivates me to create. I observe this energy frozen in time to see/sense its mechanics as well. I am inspired by preexistent power before it is shown to be a physical form. The energy of the anticipation in the room before the event. I enjoy the bread-crumb trail of intentions and mechanics to get to the form, products, or language more than the form/product or language itself. The tension before the snap of a football (An example of this is "The Next Supper" Painting). The spark in the lover's eye before sex. The wind-up of the pitcher. The cantilever of architecture. Potential Energy. The pregnant void leads to all that we experience.

Rather than being based on materials, my technique starts with a specific curiosity, followed by two separate actions that I perform due to my becoming extremely observant of what feels forced and what does not.

My art career began at five years old. Having a habit of throwing up at other people's houses to create some self-redeeming quality after the event, I made drawings and gave them to people. If I spent long periods of time by myself, my parents were less stressed out, which proved to be fertile ground for an artist. Later I had heroes that were actual people. Historical artists and writers became my guides. I think this made an impression that imagination is as solid as any form and comes from a place before it was solid. What is that place? What does a thought look like? What does a sound look like? What does telepathy look like? What does gravity look like? Art did not come up again until I was studying to be a veterinarian. I flunked out of school. In an act of luck reason, in my demise, I took an art class at a junior high school. The beautiful soul teacher pulled me aside and said, "You don't belong here. I want you to see this artist I know in a nearby town and bring your paintings to him. The artist opened the door to his studio just a crack, took the paintings, and shut the door while I waited in the hall. After a long felt ten minutes, he handed them to me, said, Come back when you have 50 more, and shut the door. The next day I came back with 50 new small paintings. A mentorship that changed my life, and I found my connection to what makes me alive. My current work is sculptures of the first four measures of songs condensed to be seen and heard in 1.6 sec. (a study of brain upload)

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